Home décor hacks to brighten up a dark room

Home décor hacks to brighten up a dark room

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Though a lot of emphasis is placed on natural lighting when designing a house, there are times when a room can be too dark for a number of reasons. In such cases, a few clever tricks can help enhance whatever little lighting it gets and avoid going for costly remodelling and rebuilding. Here we are with some home décor hacks that can help brighten up a dark room:


Light Colours

The brightness of the interiors of a room depends not only on the amount of light it is getting but also on how much of that light is being reflected vs. how much is being absorbed. Dark colours for the walls, heavy, dark curtains, and dark wall paintings, all absorb a major portion of the light, thus making the room seem dark. The best thing to do in such situations is to go for light coloured wall paints and light-coloured, airy curtains. It is also best to save the huge and light-absorbing paintings for rooms that have plenty of light. Painting walls in neutral tones and going for lighter hues on the ceiling helps reflect light and keep it inside the room.


Reflective Surfaces

Just like light colours that reflect light, rather than absorbing it, reflective surfaces are also useful to brighten up a room. The best way to incorporate this home décor hack is to go for mirrors. Mirrors not only reflect light and make the room feel bright and airy they also create an illusion of space. A great hack is to substitute mirrors in place of some of the wall paintings, especially on the walls opposite to the window/windows. Thus, proper usage of mirrors on the walls will help make the room feel airy, bright and cozy.


Supplementing Daylight

Another great home décor hack to brighten up a dark room is supplementing sunlight with indoor lighting. Carefully placed light fixtures to illuminate the especially dark corners of the room will can help take care of the lighting problem to a great extent. In case of awkward corners where adding a light fixture isn’t a possibility, you might want to think about tall floor lamps that light up the upward part of the room.


Clean Windows

Windows and ventilators are the primary source of sunlight for any room. As such most windows have transparent panes that allow maximum sunlight inside the room. The simplest reason why a room seems dark can be because of dusty and dirty windows. The dirt, dust and stains might be blocking the sunlight and preventing it from entering the room. Hence, the first step to attaining a bright room might be properly cleaning your windows.

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