How to make a small bedrooms look bigger?

How to make a small bedrooms look bigger?

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How to make a small bedroom look bigger is a problem any seasoned home décor expert can solve. Basically, understanding the concept of perception and using props to create an illusion of space can help immensely when trying to solve the problem of small bedrooms. Here are some ways in which you can make a small bedroom appear larger, using popular concepts of home décor:


The magic of mirrors

When properly leveraged, mirrors can be great aids to making a room seem much larger than it actually is. Basically a mirror is a reflective surface and hence can make the room feel brighter and bigger. Additionally, mirrors also give the illusion of extra space behind them; hence going for hang mirrors instead of wall décor or wall paintings can help deal with the problem of narrow rooms. Opting for mirrors on your wardrobes instead of going for an extra dressing table can not only make the room appear bigger but also help you avoid placing an extra piece of furniture, providing for much needed navigation space in a small room.


The right type of furniture

Furniture is very important to ensure comfort in a bedroom. But when we are dealing with small rooms with limited spaces, it is important to pick and choose the right type, size and colour of furniture for your small bedroom. Basically, whether it is with the walls or the furniture, light colours help brighten up a room and make its size less obvious to our perception. Better yet, transparent furniture is a great way to make a small room seem roomy; basically transparent furniture doesn’t break the flow and thus gives an illusion of the room simply being bigger than it actually is.

The type and size of the furniture you are using in your bedroom also matters. Too much furniture makes an already small room look cluttered. To make a small room look and feel roomy, the first step is always to de-clutter. Remove unnecessary furniture and if possible go for multi-purpose furniture, like a bed with built-in storage spaces. Additionally, keep everything organized and keep the floor clean. Finally, make use of space cleverly; don’t let major spaces like the headboard of your bed go to waste. Build in some shelves that can be used to keep potted plants, photo frames or table lamps, thus beautifying the room without consuming the limited floor space.


Hanging the drapes right

Improperly hanging the drapes makes the small room feel more congested and claustrophobic. Generally small rooms have small windows and small windows means lesser light and hence our perception of the room being small and dark. Hanging the curtains right can help make the windows seem bigger and the room bigger and brighter. Basically, prefer light coloured curtains for small rooms. Don’t hang the curtains at the window level; rather hang them a foot above the window frame to create the illusion of a bigger window. Finally, don’t let the windows touch the floor as it breaks the flow.



Thus, as is obvious, a few decent home décor tips can help solve a number of problems. Follow these tips and succeed in making your small bedroom look and feel larger.

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