Popular home décor trends in 2019

Popular home décor trends in 2019

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Decorating your home is an ongoing process. Every season we find new and innovative ways to make our living spaces look and work better. In addition to our own tastes and creativity, getting to know the latest trends can be a great way to get inspired and stay up-to-date. Here are some of the home décor trends that are popular in 2019.


Bright colours and bold patterns

The start of the year has seen people move away from boring greys, ivories and neutral tones. This year it is all about bright colours and bold patterns. Bright reds, cool blues, vibrant yellow and all the hues of the rainbow can be used to decorate and brighten your home. A combination of pastels with bright accents is in; the bright reds and yellows can be used for small décor items like throw pillows and paintings. Textured wallpaper with bright patterns and floral designs are now in.


Natural and Eco-friendly

2019 is the year of natural materials and eco-friendly choices. A reflection of people’s concern for the environment and love for natural, sustainable materials and earthy tones is being felt in home décor. Stone, cement, granite, copper and other natural metals have registered a comeback. Increased use in natural materials for furniture finishes, fixtures, walls, tabletops, decorative pieces and more are in vogue.


Floor lamps and cozy spaces

2019 is all about cozy spaces and personal niches. Make that odd corner in your living space your favourite hangout spot; frame-out the wall with a decorative trim, add a few comfortable rugs, a few colourful cushions and a mini-library or include a couple of your favourite indoor plants and bring-in the cozy feel with a stylish floor lamp. 2019 home décor trends is all for self-love and self-expression!



The urge to stay connected with nature is being reflected in the popularity of Biophilia interior design of living spaces, offices and other indoor environments. Designers are consciously including nature, natural materials and plants with a strong emphasis on green, greenery, eco-friendly materials and sustainable choices to create quiet, serene ambiances, unconsciously bringing the goodness of the outdoors inside. Thus, this year, we see an increase in the use of the colour green and various hues of it, increased emphasis on potted and indoor plants, use of natural materials like wood, metal, etc. being included in interior design.

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